The Time My Centerpieces were Upstaged by the Syrup Bottles

Early in our Relief Society presidency we were asked to do centerpieces/decorations for the 4th of July party. I got a little carried away and made pinwheels. I got them out of the car, got them already to put on the tables and when I turned around there were giant bottles of syrup in the center of all the tables! I thought it was quite humorous.

I was reminded about what a husband’s friend said when she asked him what he was going to use for centerpieces for the Scout banquet. He said that’s what the butter and salt and pepper were for. It was fun to see them spinning in the winds and the kids had fun with them afterwards.

Camping Wedding Shower

We welcomed our new daughter-in-law Emily into the family with a camping shower. I never would have thought of camping as a theme for a bridal shower, but the rest of the girls came up with the idea and did most of the work. Karena was especially inspired with lots of camping ideas. They even managed to build a fire in the back yard and let the guest make s’mores. camping shower

The menu included the mores, campfire cupcakes and mix your own trail mix. There was even a little baggie with a marshmallow, chocolate bar and a graham cracker. It was labeled, ‘S’more for later. cupcakesMalan


Drew and I designed this headstone for my father. The Mona cemetery sits at the base of Mt.Nebo. When you stand in front of my father’s grave you can look up and see the same view of the mountain that is on the memorial.