Tea Party Shower

This is my favorite shower. We threw a Mad Hatter Tea Party for my niece Sam. It gave us the chance to be as colorful and cheerful as we wanted.

teapartyshowerWe used one long table and decorated it with a variety of small square tablecloths. All different colors. The we set the table with teacups and pitcher and teapots.

coloredsandwichesThe bride’s colors were purple and red. I made finger sandwiches with colored bread.

WonderlandPartyMy sister put DRINK ME and EAT ME tags on the pictures and food.

drinkmeI think my favorite part was the mish mash of vintage table clothes.

Woodland Baby Shower

We had a Woodland Baby Shower to for our newest grandchild. It was around Halloween, so we dressed up all of the woodland time stuffed animals we could find in Halloween costumes and used these for decorations. Here are a few of the animals:

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Camping Wedding Shower

We welcomed our new daughter-in-law Emily into the family with a camping shower. I never would have thought of camping as a theme for a bridal shower, but the rest of the girls came up with the idea and did most of the work. Karena was especially inspired with lots of camping ideas. They even managed to build a fire in the back yard and let the guest make s’mores. camping shower

The menu included the mores, campfire cupcakes and mix your own trail mix. There was even a little baggie with a marshmallow, chocolate bar and a graham cracker. It was labeled, ‘S’more for later. cupcakesMalan

Baby Shower Game

I made this concentration game for Karena’s baby shower. I bought colored foam pieces from Michael’s and a package of foam cutouts. 
All the pieces were self stick, so it didn’t take long to put them together.
I wrote the clues on the back. The guests had to match the questions and then chose the correct candy bar for the answer. FYI….Mounds, Gobstoppers and Mike & Ike.
I saved these if anyone wants to borrow them.  They would be fun to use for Primary.

Picture This: Shower Favors

For Christine’s wedding shower we decide to use a picture theme. We chose this because Adam and Christine love having their pictures taken together. Catherine and I made these favors.
I found these frames a long time ago at Toys R Us of all places. I’ve been waiting for just the right time to use them. They are only about two to three inches.
Catherine found the picture quotes and I laid out the design. Then Catherine put them together.
They all had little stands, so we stood them up next to the plates.  Catherine also made lots of good food.

Purse cupcakes

I helped my sister Mary Jane throw a bridal shower for her soon to be daughter-in-law Malyce.  The theme was purses, so I decided to make purse cupcakes.  I have a pan for making small bundt cakes.  After the cakes were cooked I trimmed the tops and bottoms so they would be flat and cut a little bit off of one side so they would stand up.  Adam and Christine did most of the decorations. I tried to do the handles out of licorice, but that was miserable.  Adam came up with the way to use the pretzel and trimmed them all for me.
We served them with giant blackberries.
I think Malyce’s colors were black and creme so we used black frosting and sprinkles.
Here are the cupcakes before they were assembled.  I had to transport them to Payson. The backs were not finished.
When I got there, I stood them up on a plate, iced the  backs and put in the handles.  I tried to pipe icing on the backs, but my icing was too thick.  They looked awful on the back.
Allyn and Shirleen helped me put them together and Samantha took the pictures.
Here they are, all lined up in a row.  I don’t think I would do this project ever again. I’m not very good with the cake and frosting medium.