Cauliflower Challenge

I’ve been having terrific fun working on my Etsy shops, but I decided to do a project just for myself. It all came about because of some silk vegetables. I saw them at an estate sale. They were brand new and so realistic. I kept asking myself what I could do with fake vegetables and resisted buying them until the last minute. As we were leaving I went back to look at them one more time. I just had to have them. So I paid the dollar and brought them home.
They laid around the house for several months. I just kept moving them from location to location, basket to container, trying to figure out what I could do with fake potatos. Finally I decided to really challenge myself and see if I could make a vegetable centerpiece.  I thought it could be as fun as making a wedding bouquet with lights.
First I had to find just the right container. I found the perfect pot at The Plant Jungle. (If you’ve never been to the Plant Jungle, you should check it out. It’s a beautiful shop.) The pot was just the right shape, not too tall and big enough for both a cauliflower AND a cabbage. I began the project on a Friday night and had a lovely vegetable concoction ready by noon the next day. Here it is:

Vegetable Centerpiece

I didn’t think I could do it, but it was one of those projects that just seem to come together by itself. I stacked three bricks of foam in the pot, one on top of the other and wedged more in on the sides. I think that was the trick. I put each vegetable on a long pick. that was the other trick. I covered the foam with eucalyptus and fall leaves then added each vegetable. I was so please with the way the vegetable nestled around each other. The peppers made me especially happy.

Harvest Bouquet

I have a bird that has been in many of my arrangements. He made his way to this bouquet and is quite at home perched on a cucumber. Here is the other side of the centerpiece.

Garden in a Bowl