Ruby Giveaway

Kami Adamson is the winner of the Ruby Crown. Congratulations!This post is dedicated to my sister Saundra’s family in memory of little Ruby Jane. This sweet little baby stayed such a short time on earth and then return to her Heavenly Father with her great grandpa. Ruby came into a great family. Her great grandmother, my sister Saundra means so much to her children and to all of her siblings and their children. She has given us all love and good advice. She has helped us in many times of need. Here is a picture of her with me. I’m the baby in this picture.

To honor Ruby’s life, her mother Kristin has put together a service giveaway. I kept thinking I would like to help, but knew that Kristin would have many friends who would be involved. So I didn’t contact Kristin.  But I had some ruby colored beads that kept telling me they needed to be made into a crown in honor of Ruby. So I made this floral piece.

Kristin can use this as a bonus giveaway. To enter please comment and tell me one act of service that you have done this week OR you can tell me how Kristin and Jared have been an example to you, OR tell me something special about Saundra. If you choose to do all three, I will give you three entries. Make sure you leave your e-mail address so I can contact the winner. The giveaway will end on Monday, October 29.

Here is the link to Kristin’s blog and more about the giveaway.


Floral Crowns

Someone asked me about making a floral crown, so I thought I would give it a try. Here is my first attempt. I sold this on Etsy to a fun person who is using it for her Mother Nature costume.

Here is my second attempt. This was very time intensive because everything is wired and wrapped. It has sparkly beads throughout. And here is my third attempt. This one is girl size.

Cauliflower Challenge

I’ve been having terrific fun working on my Etsy shops, but I decided to do a project just for myself. It all came about because of some silk vegetables. I saw them at an estate sale. They were brand new and so realistic. I kept asking myself what I could do with fake vegetables and resisted buying them until the last minute. As we were leaving I went back to look at them one more time. I just had to have them. So I paid the dollar and brought them home.
They laid around the house for several months. I just kept moving them from location to location, basket to container, trying to figure out what I could do with fake potatos. Finally I decided to really challenge myself and see if I could make a vegetable centerpiece.  I thought it could be as fun as making a wedding bouquet with lights.
First I had to find just the right container. I found the perfect pot at The Plant Jungle. (If you’ve never been to the Plant Jungle, you should check it out. It’s a beautiful shop.) The pot was just the right shape, not too tall and big enough for both a cauliflower AND a cabbage. I began the project on a Friday night and had a lovely vegetable concoction ready by noon the next day. Here it is:

Vegetable Centerpiece

I didn’t think I could do it, but it was one of those projects that just seem to come together by itself. I stacked three bricks of foam in the pot, one on top of the other and wedged more in on the sides. I think that was the trick. I put each vegetable on a long pick. that was the other trick. I covered the foam with eucalyptus and fall leaves then added each vegetable. I was so please with the way the vegetable nestled around each other. The peppers made me especially happy.

Harvest Bouquet

I have a bird that has been in many of my arrangements. He made his way to this bouquet and is quite at home perched on a cucumber. Here is the other side of the centerpiece.

Garden in a Bowl


Etsy Shop: Business name registered…done, tax number……done, new bank account……done, Paypal account…….done, Etsy account…..done. When do I get to make crafts?


Brown corsage

Starting an ETSY shop is a lot more difficult than I thought. To read about my progress go to the Adventure in Etsy tab.

Giant Hamburger

Here’s Mark’s most recent project. I don’t know where he got the idea, but he decided to make a hamburger pillow. It’s made up of a lot of smaller pillows, plus a squiggle of mustard and a splat of ketchup.

There is a hamburger patty, a slice of cheese, lettuce and a tomato sandwiched between two buns. It’s over two feet wide.


ET the Extra Terrestrial

One Giant Stuffed Animal CreatureI don’t know what it is with us Soderborgs, but sometimes we get carried away. (See Mark’s very big hamburger or Drew’s giant nutcracker.) This s a stuffed animal I made for Drew for Christmas when he was about three. I used a pattern for a Halloween costume. I actually just found a picture of the McCall’s pattern which I’m posting here. I had to make adjustments to adapt it from a costume and mask to one piece. I think I had to create a neck. It was so big it was really difficult to get enough stuffing for it. We were pretty poor then. I bought some batting, but we couldn’t afford to buy all I needed. So the very inside of ET is filled with foam, old sock, and rags, clean, of course.

Tile picture

Catherine and I tried our hand at making tile pictures. I chose to use some Debbie Mum stickers and cut outs and a favorite poem. (If I could do life over, I would be Debbie Mum). I love the hyacinths and the teapots and I was really happy with how it turned out. This is not a project I would do more than once. If the goop doesn’t pour just right, you have a mess. I did get one bad spot on my picture and I tried to cover it up.  Can you see the mistake?

Hmm, maybe if I couldn’t be Debbie Mum, I would be Holly Hobby.

Embroidery – Wedding gift

My newest passion is embroidery. I learned to embroider when I was young at Primary or Mutual. I was really pretty good at it. I decided to take it up again. I bought  some books and I’ve been learning new stitches. This is just a simple backstitch, but I had never used it before. It takes a lot of patience and very small stitches. I made this for a wedding gift. I really liked the font on the wedding announcement and it just kept calling for me to stitch it. So I did. Mark added the bow and framed it for me.

Wedding Announcement Stitchery