Ruby Giveaway

Kami Adamson is the winner of the Ruby Crown. Congratulations!This post is dedicated to my sister Saundra’s family in memory of little Ruby Jane. This sweet little baby stayed such a short time on earth and then return to her Heavenly Father with her great grandpa. Ruby came into a great family. Her great grandmother, my sister Saundra means so much to her children and to all of her siblings and their children. She has given us all love and good advice. She has helped us in many times of need. Here is a picture of her with me. I’m the baby in this picture.

To honor Ruby’s life, her mother Kristin has put together a service giveaway. I kept thinking I would like to help, but knew that Kristin would have many friends who would be involved. So I didn’t contact Kristin.  But I had some ruby colored beads that kept telling me they needed to be made into a crown in honor of Ruby. So I made this floral piece.

Kristin can use this as a bonus giveaway. To enter please comment and tell me one act of service that you have done this week OR you can tell me how Kristin and Jared have been an example to you, OR tell me something special about Saundra. If you choose to do all three, I will give you three entries. Make sure you leave your e-mail address so I can contact the winner. The giveaway will end on Monday, October 29.

Here is the link to Kristin’s blog and more about the giveaway.


12 thoughts on “Ruby Giveaway

  1. This is so sweet of you to do this Paula. It is just darling!

    One act of service I have done this week is take photos of a neighbor boy for his birthday. I know his family doesn’t have much money so I donated my time to get him some darling pictures.

    Kristin and Jared have been such an example to all of us. I can’t imagine all they’ve been through but they’ve done it with such grace.

    One thing about my grandma; she is the best grandma ever. She is fun to be around and you always feel welcome in her house. I’ve always felt as comfortable in her home as I feel in my moms house or even in my own home. We love her a lot.

  2. What a beautiful headpiece! at 2 am today I stopped and took my grandmothers garbage out. I also took soup to my sister in law. Kristin had taught me that even though something unfortunate happens you can turn it into something good. The past few weeks I have found myself looking for things th at I can do to help in even the smallest way.

  3. So pretty! I am helping my husbands grandma this week she’s having surgery thursday and I’m going to help her with house work and dinners until she’s back on her feet.

    Kristin and Jared have taught me that families can be together forever. The way they make the best of a sad situation by choosing to do service and stay positive and inspires me

  4. I made my friend (who just had a baby) 2 freezer meals to use when they are needed the most. I love this way to honor sweet Ruby’s life!

  5. So nice of you to do this Paula. This week I called 911 on a burning apartment building and we stayed until fire and police were there and my husband made sure everyone was out safe.

  6. Paula this is so sweet, any little girl will love this! Thank you for being a part of Ruby’s life celebration. Jared and Kristin have been such a great example to our family and friends during this time in our lives! They both have such strong testimonies of the gospel and knowledge of the plan of salvation. They live their lives trying to serve others!

  7. Yesterday I helped my grandma send some digital pictures to the online photo lab, and then I picked them up for her, took them to her house and visited with her and my grandpa for a bit. Grandparents are the best. 🙂

  8. I am helping a friend with her kids today 🙂 I also plan to take dinner this week to a friend that lost her 15 yo niece over the weekend.

  9. I am taking meals to a girl in the ward who injured her back. Aunt Saundra is a great example to me of unselfish love. I still tear up when I think of what she did for you and your other siblings after your mom died.

  10. aw, this is so precious. I love it and it would look beautiful on my little girls. Today I plan on going to a night of service at church where we are making quilts for a local child abuse home.

    Thanks for sharing Miss Ruby with us.

  11. Darling Paula!! I helped a lady to her car today that needed help. My Mom is a wonderful example to me and my family. She is always there when we need her! She is the strongest person I know… I can’t imagine going through what she has in her lifetime. Love you Mom!!
    Kristin and Jared have been a wonderful example to all of us! They have been so strong and I admire what they are doing to honor Ruby!! What a sweet baby –glad that Kristin and Jared have the gospel and the knowledge that Families Can Be Together Forever!!

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