Tile picture

Catherine and I tried our hand at making tile pictures. I chose to use some Debbie Mum stickers and cut outs and a favorite poem. (If I could do life over, I would be Debbie Mum). I love the hyacinths and the teapots and I was really happy with how it turned out. This is not a project I would do more than once. If the goop doesn’t pour just right, you have a mess. I did get one bad spot on my picture and I tried to cover it up.  Can you see the mistake?

Hmm, maybe if I couldn’t be Debbie Mum, I would be Holly Hobby.


4 thoughts on “Tile picture

    • I love this poem too. The tile picture is very hard to make. It’s too easy to get flaws in it, and this one has some flaws. I don’t think I could sell it. But thanks for looking at my blog and have a good day.

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