Madeleine’s Afghan

Here is one of my favorite projects, a baby afghan for Madeleine.I started with no idea what I was going to do and ended up with this.
I found a really fun yarn for the main part.  I don’t really know much about knitting but I wanted to knit this so I made a best guess. I used to a knitting needle contraption that was a long plastic cord with knitting needles on both ends. If I dropped a stitch I was in trouble. That’s the problem with knitting, I don’t know how to correct mistakes and if you drop a stitch it’s like nylon sock, it just keeps running.
The edge was very unique. I just kept going around adding different stitches. Instead of going wider and wider like you usually do with an edging, I have several layers coming from the first row.  The pink flowers and dark green leaves look like they are done individually, but they are rows of stitches. I did slip stitches in between.

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