Bird Tree & Bird Baths

We bought this clump of trees several years ago.  I wanted to make a “natural tree” with birds and earthy things.  Every year I added some decorations to it but it never seemed to be enough. I used lots of eucalyptus,   grapevine, holly, berries, birds and bird nests. When we moved to Salt Lake and into our little condo we had no place to store it. It lived in the bedroom with us for several months. 

I decided to donate it to the Festival of Trees.  I had the young women in our ward help me add ribbon and some more decorations as a service project and donated it from our young women’s group.
It needed something to make it special so I made these bird baths. I thought they were adorable.  They are made of clay pots glued together. The circles are wood pieces I bought at Roberts.  I painted them and did some antiquing on the small one. I should make some more of these.

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