The Candy Bouquet

Christine and Adam told us they wanted a candy bouquet for Christine to throw.  I said, “A candy bouquet,? can I make it for you?”  They had a great idea and I had lots of fun making it.  All the candy is wrapped in clear cellophane.  I started with autumn color kisses. I knew how to put them together to make rosebuds, thanks to Young Womens.  Then I searched high and low for something else I could add.  I found some red specialty M.Ms.  Then Mark came home one day with yellow and red Tic Tacs.  The yellow Tic Tacs were a great find. I wrapped each one in cellophane and then wrapped them together in bunches.  I did the same with the M and Ms. Then I had to find something that would look like a ribbon.  I finally found some candy at the Sunflower Market.  It was red and yellow striped.  What a find! I just wrapped the candy in cellophane and folded it to make loops.  I used fall colored silk leaves as a fill.

Here is my adorable new daughter-in-law who threw the bouquet and my adorable niece who caught it.

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