Purse cupcakes

I helped my sister Mary Jane throw a bridal shower for her soon to be daughter-in-law Malyce.  The theme was purses, so I decided to make purse cupcakes.  I have a pan for making small bundt cakes.  After the cakes were cooked I trimmed the tops and bottoms so they would be flat and cut a little bit off of one side so they would stand up.  Adam and Christine did most of the decorations. I tried to do the handles out of licorice, but that was miserable.  Adam came up with the way to use the pretzel and trimmed them all for me.
We served them with giant blackberries.
I think Malyce’s colors were black and creme so we used black frosting and sprinkles.
Here are the cupcakes before they were assembled.  I had to transport them to Payson. The backs were not finished.
When I got there, I stood them up on a plate, iced the  backs and put in the handles.  I tried to pipe icing on the backs, but my icing was too thick.  They looked awful on the back.
Allyn and Shirleen helped me put them together and Samantha took the pictures.
Here they are, all lined up in a row.  I don’t think I would do this project ever again. I’m not very good with the cake and frosting medium.

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